Corporate gifts

Make a lasting impression with monbento® gifts

Why choose monbento®?

By choosing monbento® for your corporate gifts, you're embracing a CSR approach! How?

You're encouraging your teams to look after themselves, by taking a proper lunch break to enjoy a meal that they will have made at home and brought easily into the office.

You're promoting a French company and supporting the local economy, by choosing monbento® signature products, made in France.

You're encouraging a zero-waste approach by giving your teams eco-designed, reusable products.

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Make all the difference with useful, sustainable products!

Because our lunch boxes, bottles, cutlery and other reusable accessories are made from high-quality materials, your teams will be able to get years of use out of them. Plant-based, clear or colored plastic, metal … check out all our hard-wearing materials!


Lunch sets that reflect your company

Rally your loyal teams around your company's values: customize the lunch set that you're going to give them!

Engraved with a logo, printed with a slogan, a choice of compatible accessories and colors… there are all sorts of options for making your corporate gifts unique!

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The monbento® team at your service!

From the imagining of your project to its realization, not forgetting the after-sales monitoring of each product, we're here to help you at every stage!

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